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We provide fix services.

• Example:  derailed/damaged zipper, broken strap, broken USB port…etc.


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After receiving the goods, if there are defects, missing parts, damages, etc., please contact us within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods, and we will assist in related exchange and refund matters.

For replacement, please contact the mailbox, please explain your replacement, and attach the following information

Order number

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privacy policy

SEKKEI is an online platform (hereinafter referred to as "this website") operated and managed by the company. We attach great importance to the privacy of each user, and will collect, use, process and protect in accordance with this policy and the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law. Your personal data, I also hope that you can read the following instructions in detail and abide by them before using the services of this platform, thank you.

What this Policy Covers

The scope covered by this policy includes all personal information collected from you through this website and its subsequent use and processing, including: user name, age, gender, occupation, mailing address, Email and contact number, or other information you register The personal information that you agree to collect at the time or thereafter.

The scope of this policy is limited to this website. If you click on the link or advertisement of a third-party website, when you visit each website or webpage, you should follow the privacy policy stipulated by the operator of each website or webpage. Not related to this website.

Before using the services provided by this website, please confirm that you can actually abide by all the terms listed in this policy. If you do not agree with all or part of the terms, please do not use the services of this website.

Information collection and use

Registration on this website: any group of commonly used and real emails of users and the personal password required to log in to this website.

When you register on the website, use various products or services, browse web pages, report usage opinions, or participate in promotional advertising programs, this website will collect necessary personal information according to your actions, or leave your usage information. Record for future inquiries.

When you use this website, the system will automatically record your IP location, and record the pages you browse and the service content you use.

After collecting user information on this website, the main purpose is to customize all advertisements that you may be interested in, provide products or services that meet your needs, improve the products or services we provide, and conduct internal system-based user data analysis. Matching to facilitate users to communicate with each other or to provide new services, to contact users, to conduct market research, or to provide anonymous reports to digital information to internal or external customers.

This website will require the purchaser to provide the name, contact number, mailing address, Email, which is used to send the product and send related product discount information/new product discount information. This website will not directly disclose the above information.

Information sharing and disclosure

Unless with your prior consent, this website will not arbitrarily provide or disclose your personal information to a third party, but the following conditions are not within the limitations of this article:

Under the formal request of the court, prosecutor's office, police agency or law, the necessary personal information may be provided to the above-mentioned government agencies.

If necessary, we can share user information with third parties to detect or prevent possible illegal actions, or to avoid any violations of the terms of use or privacy policy.

When this website is acquired by other third parties or acquire assets, resulting in the conversion of management rights, this website will announce the relevant details on the relevant website in advance, and all or part of the user information owned by this website may also be converted in the management rights. transferred to a third person under the circumstances.

This website does not provide personal information to any advertisers. However, when you read or browse the advertisements on this website, due to the requirements of the advertisers, the personal information left behind is not within the scope of protection of this clause.

Other acts in accordance with the law or to protect the legal rights and interests of this website or a third party, or to claim rights and interests.

About cookies

In order to facilitate future identification, when you use the services of this website, this website may set and access cookies on your computer.

This website will also allow the advertisers of this website to set and access the cookies on your computer, but for the relevant specifications of this part, please refer to the privacy policies of other relevant manufacturers. The privacy policies of this website do not contain the content of this part.

You can decide whether to allow the use of cookie technology by setting your personal computer or Internet device. If you turn off cookies, it may cause inconvenience or some functional limitations when you use the services of this website.

General Specifications

This website uses the Paynow of Green World and Lijifu Online Gold Stream Co., Ltd. as the payment tool. During the process, there will be no disclosure of any payment information except the information held by Green World and the Paynow platform.

Members have the right to add, modify or correct your personal information stored on this website at any time by logging in to the member page of this website.

When you agree to join this website and agree to become a member, you agree to receive any emails related to the products or services provided by this website, the contents of which may include service descriptions, account management information, e-newsletters, etc., unless the user Otherwise, it will be deemed that all users agree to receive the above-mentioned relevant information.

You have the right to inquire or request to view, make copies, supplement or correct, stop collecting, process or use, and delete in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

If you need to delete all your personal data retained on this website, you must terminate the use of this website and the services provided by this website.

Confidentiality and Security

For all employees who need to access user information in their work, this website only provides limited use rights for each employee to ensure that the user's information can be protected to the greatest extent.

This website strongly recommends that all users not to disclose personal account information to third parties arbitrarily, and this website will not contact you through telephone or e-mail that you do not provide, but if you decide to provide personal account information to third parties , you must bear all the responsibilities for data leakage, and all relevant privacy regulations are also based on the third party's privacy policy. If you accidentally disclose your account, please go to the website to change your account information immediately.

This website has full-time information security personnel who are responsible for supervising and ensuring that all behaviors on its website are legal, and all users' information is most strictly protected. Shopping transactions can be 100% secure. Therefore, this website cannot ensure the safety of all users' messages or shopping transactions on the website. Therefore, all users are responsible for any online information when using online products or services. Risk of passing on and shopping transactions.

Age protection

Users under the age of 20, please do not register to use the services of this website, and do not provide relevant personal information to this website; when minors register or use the services of this website and agree to this website to collect and use their personal information, It should be done with the consent of the legal representative or guardian.

Modification of Privacy Policy

When there are any obvious changes to the privacy policy, this website will not announce it on the website. This website reserves the right to modify and change.

Questions and Suggestions

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